About us

For over 20 years the team at Geofilms has been producing stories that tap into the emotions of audiences and potential customers or clients, making brands grow through engaging and 

professionally crafted videos.

We think of ourselves as storytellers, the businesses we work with supplying the plots!

Our mission is to understand what you do inside out and communicate that to your customers and prospects, winning them over one frame at a time.

We understand that for many people, making a film is far out of their comfort zone. That’s why we manage the whole process from concept through pre production, filming all the way to the final edit!

We don’t come armed with standard off-the-shelf solutions, but instead will work with you to discover the best way to tell your unique story and help you stand out from your competitors.

Mindful of your budget, we’ll also suggest ways to get the most out of every shoot, leaving you with a choice of edits to use on different platforms and for different occasions.

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