If you are a Membership or Association organisation looking to enhance member value and growth then MemberNews is an exciting new way to optimise member engagement and improve retention through engaging content.

MemberNews is not just a news show but a dynamic and immersive experience designed to replace mundane e-newsletters and bring your organisation to life.

In the digital age, where attention spans a fleeting, traditional e-newsletters often struggle to captivate and engaging value thirsty members and thats where MemberNews comes in.



Why MemberNews?

A news studio lends an air of professionalism and authority to your brand and the content you want to communicate. It reflects a high standard of quality and commitment, enhancing your organisation to your members and those looking to join.

Whilst functional, e-newsletters often fail to deliver impactful and engaging content. With MemberNews you can address this gap by combining the power of visual storytelling with the relevant news, interviews and connections.

In a time when virtual connections are paramount, a news show provides and effective platform to build a sense of community among member

Showing that you are at the forefront of the industry you are giving your members added value to your service and thereby retaining their commitment to you.

By showing you are thought leaders in your field your reputation will grow within your sector and will lead to new recruiting members.


Create more

MemberNews employs visual storytelling using start of the art news room which will be branded with your membership branding so the news stories will covey your key message with impact and professionalism whilst reinforcing your organisations identity and values.

Each episode will be tailored to address the specific needs and interests of your members, ensuring a personalised and relevant experience.

A consistent monthly schedule is key to ensure regular engagement with your members, and will build confidence in potential sponsors.

Highlighting the months key stories and updates. Featuring interviews with notable members, sharing their stories and contributions.

Showcasing your success in Advocacy, Conferences and successful milestones.

and then engage more

It will also give you an opportunity to preview upcoming events, training programmes so you’re members can look forward to the upcoming weeks.

Engaging with your members through feedback, Q&A, and other interactive elements such as polls, surveys is a great way Providing them with dynamic and engaging content that strengthens their connection with you and builds a more cohesive community.

Offering a glimpse into the vibrant community and benefits of your organisation which they would enjoy by becoming a member,
whilst encouraging members to participate actively through polls, surveys and discussions.

So if your looking to grow, retain and build a stronger community with your members then MemberNews will help you build that sense of inclusivity and shared identity.

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